Rolex replica Air-King comparison

Different Sizes Of Rolex Replica Comparison Review

Rolex replica not only has more than 100 years of development history, but also designed professional tool watches for various purposes. Each series of products will have differences in appearance design and materials. But when the product is upgraded, Rolex is committed to following the traditional design philosophy and will not change too much.

Rolex has many excellent series, such as: Daytona, Submariner, Air-King, Datejust and Day-Date, etc. This article will focus on analyzing different sizes of watches in the same series. Next, let us learn about Air-King.

34MM Rolex Air-King

Air-King not only has a strong historical significance, but also a “time-only” watch still in production. Initially, the Air-King replica watch size was 34MM. A watch of this size was controversial at the beginning because it was too small to fit a man’s wrist.

Rolex replica Air-King 34mm

Air-King 5500
5500 is not only one of the most iconic models of Air-King, but also an entry-level Rolex watch. This watch has an Oyster-style stainless steel case with a chronograph dial. In addition, Air-King 5500 also runs with automatic winding Cal. 1520 and 1530 movements.

Air-King 14000
This watch originally used the Cal.3000 movement, which was later changed to the Cal.3130 movement. Air-King 14000 has a more modern design. This design not only meets the needs of men more, but also adds to the modern aesthetics of the watch.

Rolex replica Air-King 114200 34mm

Air-King 114200
Air-King 114200 came out in the 2000s. This version of the watch still runs on the Cal.3130 movement. Compared with the previous two 34MM watches, the biggest advantage of 114200 is that it has obtained the Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified certification. Moreover, its watch chain has also been upgraded to become stronger.

40MM Rolex Air-King 116900

Rolex replica Air-King 116900 is not only famous, but also has an interesting 40MM case. This watch not only uses high-grade 904L stainless steel, but also has a clear black dial. In the dial, we can clearly see the hour markers and brand logo.

Rolex replica Air-King 116900

Most importantly, Air-King 116900 is equipped with NO.3131 movement. This movement not only has extremely high diamagnetic resistance, but also provides 48 hours of power. Like other Rolex watches, the new 40MM Air-King has passed both COSC and Rolex internal tests. In any case, 40MM Air-King is indeed a high-performance, high-quality watch.

Rolex replica Air-King comparison

In short, if you are a nostalgic person, you can choose 34MM Air-King. If you need a more sporty Air-King, you can choose a 40MM style watch. Finally, we hope this “different sizes of Rolex replica comparison review” can help you deepen your understanding of luxury watches.

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