Eye-catching Rolex Submariner Replica Watches

Rolex Submariner replica not only attracts attention, but also has a variety of eye-catching replica watches. Since its inception in 1953, Submariner has become more and more popular in the market. As long as you are a fan of Rolex, you know Submariner. I think its popularity is inevitable. Why? In everyone’s eyes, Submariner is not only a top tool watch, but also has a unique design. Compared with ordinary watches, wearing Submariner will make your wrist more eye-catching. These are two steel Submariner Date watches, let us understand them in depth.

Bright Blue

This is a very bright watch. 116619 Rolex Submariner replica was officially launched on the market in 2008. It retains the classic 40MM Oyster case. This case is not only extremely water-resistant, but also very strong. Even if you dive 300 meters underwater, it will not be damaged. Compared with other Rolex replica watches, 116619 looks more sporty in appearance.

replica Rolex Submariner 116619

Dial And Bezel

Submariner 116619 uses 18K platinum material. This material not only makes the watch more luxurious, but also highlights the blue design. At a glance, the blue dial and bezel are very bright. Because of this design, it also has a nickname of Smurf. On the dial, you can not only see the platinum mark clearly, but also the eye-catching date window. In addition, the dial and hands are decorated with Chromalight luminescent material. Therefore, even if you are in a dark environment for a long time, you can get the accurate time at any time. On the blue bezel, it has graduated numbers, and the bezel is rotatable.

Rolex Submariner 116610 LV replica

Rich Green

Rolex Submariner 116610 LV replica is one of the most popular products on the market. It is no exaggeration to say that Submariner 116610 LV has always been the representative watch of Rolex. After all, anyone who is a Rolex fan will know it. Like other Rolex Submariner replica, it also has a 40MM case. Naturally, this is also a classic design of Rolex sports watches.

Rolex Submariner 116610 LV replica watches

Dial And Bezel

Rolex Submariner 116610 LV replica has a unique green design. This unique design method made 116610 LV popular among fashionistas from the very beginning. On the green dial, surrounded by white gold markings, it is very clear. The larger Mercedes hands can make the dial easier to read. But the same is that there is a cyclops window at 3 o’clock on the dial. On the other hand, here is a green ceramic digital bezel. This kind of ceramic not only keeps the bezel bright green, but also makes it more durable.

Rolex Submariner replica movement

Finally, these two Rolex Submariner replica watches are equipped with the 3135 movement. This movement not only provides 48 hours of power, but also has strong anti-magnetic properties. At the same time, they also have a stainless steel Oyster bracelet. It is worth mentioning that this bracelet is not only easy to adjust, but also has excellent corrosion resistance. In short, these two watches are very eye-catching and unique sports watches. If you want to buy at the best price, you can visit the website. Here, you can see high-quality watches of many brands, not to be missed.

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