Fake Rolex Watch Daytona

Fake Rolex Watch: The Best Gift For Friends

Whenever the festival comes, many friends will ask, what fake Rolex watch should I send to my friends? Today I will recommend the best fake watch for you.

Fake Rolex Watch Daytona 116506

Fake Rolex watch Daytona 116506 not only has a high reputation, but also a most sacred watch.

In 1963, the first Rolex Cosmograph Daytona came out. Later, Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Platinum 116506 was launched.

Fake Rolex Watch Daytona 116506

Comfortable Design

Daytona 116506 not only has a comfortable 40MM size but also uses a luxurious platinum material. The 40MM case is equipped with a ceramic chestnut brown bezel, which is very cute in this color.

116506 has an unparalleled ice blue dial, like a refreshing summer. And its bezel perfectly matches the lacquered subdial in the ice blue dial.

Fake Rolex watch

Take a closer look at this fake Rolex watch, you will find that its mirror surface uses sapphire crystal material. What are the advantages of this material? Whether you wear casual clothes or formal clothes, it is suitable.

4130 Movement

This Daytona is not only a sports watch but also a professional chronograph. It is equipped with NO.4130 automatic chronograph movement certified by COSC. This movement can provide readings that are resistant to temperature changes and shocks.

Fake Rolex Watch Daytona

In short, this Rolex fake watch is very suitable for daily wear or collection. The beauty and elegance of Daytona 116506 will be the best choice for holiday gifts.

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