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Historical Story About Replica Patek Philippe “Watches King”

Replica Patek Philippe not only has more than 180 years of development history, but also occupies a leading position in the watch market. Since its establishment in 1839, the brand has insisted on manufacturing its own watch parts, which is different from most luxury watch brands. From the eye-catching case and strap to the delicate movement, it is done in-house.

We think that Patek Philippe is one of the few old watch brands that is still active. It not only enjoys the reputation of “Watches King” in the market, but is also regarded as one of the world’s top watch brands. While gaining fame, more and more people are interested in its history.

So, today we will unfold the historical story about Patek Philippe.

Establishment Story

Let us go back to May 1, 1839. The founders of this brand are Polish watchmakers Antoni Patek and Franciszek Czapek. At the beginning of the company’s establishment, they have achieved success, but there are also growing contradictions. So, in the end they still separated. In 1844, at the Paris Exposition, Antoni Patek met the talented watchmaker Jean Adrien Philipppe. So far, he and Jean Adrien Philipppe, Vincent Gostkowski jointly established a new company Patek&Cie. On January 1, 1851, the company officially changed its name to Patek, Philippe & Cie. In the subsequent development process, the company has been upholding Philippe’s modern craftsmanship concept and Patek’s novel marketing style. This result is obvious, their replica watches have received widespread attention and welcome from people all over the world.

Patek Philippe

Brand Concept

In this long history of development, Patek Philippe has always followed the production concept of focusing on quality and not weight, as well as careful work and slow work. Because of this, it has the slogan “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.” Obviously, Patek Philippe is not only confident in the production of watches, but also affirmed that the watchmakers are highly skilled.

Patek Philippe replica

Patek Philippe is unique compared to a watch company that produces millions of dollars a year. In addition to its own brand concept, it also pursues limited production, producing only 50,000 watches per year. After all, it takes at least 5 years for replica Patek Philippe to produce a watch from design to official release. We believe that Patek Philippe has perfectly integrated the brand concept in this more than 180 years of history. Obviously, this is worthy of admiration!

Classic watch

Patek Philippe has many famous series. For example: Calatrava, Nautilus, Aquanaut and Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, etc. These series of watches not only have artistic sense, but also have super high craftsmanship quality. Therefore, each series has been favored by everyone.

replica Patek Philippe Calatrava


The first Calatrava model 96 watch was born in 1932. This series of watches not only has a clean and elegant design, but also a representative model of Patek Philippe. For those who like low-key style watches, Calatrava is fine.


Nautilus is Patek Philippe’s unique sports watch series. Why? Because most of the collection styles of Patek Philippe are classic and retro. Therefore, many watch fans cannot accept Nautilus at the beginning. But with the development of the times, Nautilus has become one of Patek Philippe’s most popular collections, and replica Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712/1A-001 is one of the iconic models.

replica Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712


Patek Philippe has more than 180 years of history and there are many stories that we can’t finish talking about for days and nights. It is worth mentioning that, to some extent, its brand has established a new production quality standard for other watch brands. There is no doubt that Patek Philippe is a veritable “pioneer”, which demonstrates its ability to withstand the test of time. Finally, if you want to buy Patek Philippe watches more conveniently, you can follow watch shops for the latest information.

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