IWC Aquatimer Chronograph Men’s fake Watch

Compared with the former models, the new Aquatimer Chronograph not only in appearance, and timing device configuration IWC Aquatimer has taken a big step on the way of evolution. Innovative research and development of internal and external rotating bezel powered SafeDive system, you can avoid inadvertently Detune dive time, thus improving the practicability of this diver’s Watch, waterproof performance is also increased from 12 bars 30 bar. Timer function can realize the segmentation and the cumulative time for up to 12 hours.

The fake Aquatimer Chronograph choosing the low-key colors and shapes, case diameter of 44 mm, in line with the current popular wave of larger table size, color, and appearance of the watch is very elegant, “9 o’clock” position small bright yellow second hand on the dial shows sports color, adds a touch of dynamism for the table.

Watch Sapphire Crystal glass, mirrors, glass light transmittance by double-sided anti-glare treatment is clear. Dubbed the steel to build the table side carving Groove gear, the overall design is more lenient, and feels very comfortable on the chain, carved all IWC tag at the top of the Crown symbolizes its brand identity. With a black rubber strap, strap surface texture fine textured, rubber soft and skin-friendly features that make this watch is comfortable wearing, rubber waterproof corrosion-resistant characteristics this watch, even more, the texture gives the Sun’s movement.

This watch case is made of stainless steel, about 17 mm thick, feel full, case “9 o’clock” position projection device for clutch system cover. The gear-shaped unidirectional rotating bezel is easy to rotate at the same time, and also added some mechanical qualities for the table. Lugs using the straight line shapes edges polished and delicate, caster angle design makes it possible to fit the wrist, ensuring a comfortable fit. Clasp in stainless steel to create and form tough, grinding, and is also very easy to use, pin buckle, carved with universal “IWC” tag, highlight the brand identity.

This paragraph wrist table can cumulative timing up 12 hours, dial of 12 points azimuth for this paragraph wrist table of 30 minutes cumulative rates fake watches displayed dial, 6 points azimuth for 12 hours cumulative timing displayed dial, 9 points azimuth is is this paragraph wrist table of small seconds disc, small dial are ornaments to corrugated carving, in up to divided dial function regional of while, more makes small dial Shang of pointer more clear visible. Silvered Dial showing elegant temperament, the pointer to the two large central filling with fluorescent material, even in extreme environments can still maintain good legibility.

Bezel aboard safe diving system, unidirectional swiss replica rotating bezel to ensure diving when the timing, in the case of incorrect operation, does not result in a predetermined time in order to avoid the risk of diving may not sound. Pointer, time scales, scale, scale the table covered with a luminous coating, can be read clearly even in dark environments.

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