Luxury Rolex Yacht-Master Watch Fake

Rolex Yachtmaster was born in 1992 with the goal of creating the perfect luxury lifestyle. Compared with other products, this watch fake does not have general public appeal. This is because it is aimed at people with high capabilities or people who own luxury yachts.

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In 2015, Yachtmaster 116655 was newly listed, and its appearance broke the role of Rolex’s sports watch fake. The designers have incorporated almost every classic design into the watch. Make it a rare treasure.


What makes fake Yachtmaster 116655 stand out is. With a 40mm rose gold case and using Rolex’s own rose gold, it will not fade even after the wind and sun. The black dial contrasts with the rose gold bezel.

the difference

Unlike previous watches, a rubber strap was used for the first time. Although rubber straps are common in some watches, they are not common in high-end luxury watches fake. Rolex thought for a long time before introducing this material. And carefully crafted the best rubber bracelet.

Fake Rolex has been constantly innovating to create more stylish classic watches. Yachtmaster116655 is a work that combines all classic designs with great creations.

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