replica Rolex Day-Date 118238 watches

President Rolex Replica Day-Date 118238 Watches

Rolex replica Day-Date not only has a luxurious appearance, but also the watch of choice for politicians. From Winston Churchill to Dwight Eisenhower, they are all fascinated by Day-Date. Therefore, since its birth in 1956, Day-Date has not only become the most iconic timepiece in the world, but also has a very high reputation. Over the years, Rolex has provided many amazing watches to successful men. Among them, Day-Date is the most representative successful watch of Rolex.

It needs to be said that the full name of Day-Date is Oyster Perpetual Day-Date, also known as the President. Anyone who has read its early news knows that Day-Date has not only appeared on the wrist of presidents, but it is also a favorite of many accomplished people. At the same time, Day-Date fake watches are also known to the public by virtue of their unique design. Read on and you will get more information.

Background Story

In 1956, Rolex replica introduced the original Day-Date model 6511. This is not only the first self-winding watch, but also the date and day of the week can be obtained at the same time. At that time, the watch of this design was a brand new innovation that had not appeared in the industry. Therefore, when it was launched, Day-Date not only became the most important series of Rolex, but also occupied a unique position in the market. Obviously, this is also a complicated watch. Although complicated, it is very popular. why? For most people, the many functions of the watch mean that it is difficult to operate, but Day-Date has no such concerns. Let us enjoy the replica rolex Day-Date 118238 watches together. You will find the answer in the following detailed introduction.

Rolex replica Day-Date 118238 watches

Gold Case

In decades of development, Rolex replica has maintained the classic design while improving and enhancing Day-Date replica rolex watch. Day-Date 118238 comes with a classic 36MM gold case. This material is not only classic but also very luxurious. In everyone’s impression, the Day-Date series has always been the representative of the yellow gold version of the watch. In addition, this gold case also uses Rolex’s famous patented Oyster technology. Obviously, Rolex replica Day-Date 118238 watches with this technology are not only sturdy but also extremely water resistant.

Rolex Day-Date replica  118238 watches

Classic Dial

Looking up, what you see is a gold dial. On the dial, it not only has a fan-shaped of the week window, but also a date window. This is the classic design of Day-Date, which has hardly changed since its birth. In addition, you can see the Rolex brand logo under the fan-shaped window. In order to be more luxurious, Rolex equipped the Day-Date 118238 with gold hands and hour markers. Of course, the grooved bezel is also one of Day-Date’s classic designs. Unlike the smooth bezel, the grooved bezel looks more three-dimensional and prominent.

replica Rolex Day-Date 118238 watches

President Bracelet

Rolex replica Day-Date 118238 watches come with a luxurious presidential bracelet. This is one of Rolex’s iconic bracelets. As you can see, this kind of bracelet is made of gold, so it will be heavier than ordinary bracelets. But from another point of view, Rolex’s approach not only makes the bracelet stronger, but also improves the safety of replica watches. Let’s talk about its 3155 movement. This movement not only has a quick setting function, but also has a 48-hour power reserve. In short, Day-Date 118238 is both luxurious and powerful. Because of this, it has become the preferred replica watches of more and more successful people. Finally, if you want to know more about the presidential table, please follow our blog, from here you will get a lot of useful information.

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