Rolex replica Submariner 114060 watches dial

Rolex Replica Submariner 114060 Watches For Sale

There is no doubt that Rolex Submariner replica watches are not only well-known, but also very versatile, suitable for almost every occasion. For the watch industry, Rolex has created many professional watches in its long history of development. For example, famous diving watches, racing chronographs and flight watches, etc. These replica watches are not only powerful, but also durable. Because of this, Rolex has become one of more and more people’s favorite ancient watch brands. When it comes to Swiss watches, everyone thinks of Rolex Submariner. Why?

Whether you are a Rolex fan or not, there is no denying that Submariner is one of the most recognized watches on the market. Submariner has released many versions of models during decades of development. Such as black, green, blue, and two-tone stainless steel versions. But in fact, compared to the unique green and blue versions, the classic black Submariner is the most frequently purchased model.

Rolex Submariner 114060 replica watches

Submariner 114060

Submariner replica watches are not only a product of history, but also a star product in the current market. Since its birth in the 1950s, it became a symbol of replica Rolex into the sports watch field. Over time, Rolex upgraded Submariner many times. Today we will discuss the popular Submariner 114060. Let us start from the dial.

No Date Dial

We can notice that this is a dateless dial. Yes, it does not have a date window, which is different from Submariner 116610. Regarding this design, it can be traced back to 1953, and the first generation of Rolex Submariner replica watches swiss also did not have a date window. Obviously, the dial without a date window looks not only concise, but also adds symmetry. However, it all depends on your personal preference. Some people would think that the date window is a sign of Rolex Submariner, but for purists, a simple dial will be more attractive. On the black dial, you can not only see the white gold mark, but also the brand logo. It is worth mentioning that the dial can emit a long-lasting blue light in a dark environment. This design not only improves the usability of the watch, but also provides you with the best visibility.

Rolex replica Submariner 114060 watches dial

Cerachom Bezel

Replica Rolex Submariner 114060 watches have the famous Cerachom bezel. This is a ceramic bezel. From the perspective of durability, it is not only resistant to fading, but also scratch resistant. So, you don’t have to worry about scratching it. On the bezel, what you see is the PVD scale with platinum coating, these numbers are very clear and easy to identify. In addition, Rolex equipped Submariner 114060 with an Oyster bracelet. This bracelet is made of strong 904L stainless steel. On the bracelet, Submariner 114060 also comes with Oysterlock safety clasp and Glide Lock Extension system. This means that it can not only fit the wrist safely and reliably, but also adjust the length of the bracelet at any time.

Rolex replica Submariner 114060 watches

Waterproof Case

Just like other Rolex Submariner replica watches, Submariner 114060 has a 40MM Oyster waterproof case. As a professional diving watch, it uses a screw-in bottom cover and is equipped with a Triplock triple waterproof system. This design not only allows the watch to have a water resistance of 300 meters, but also better protects the movement from contact with water. In the case, Rolex replica Submariner 114060 watches are equipped with a 3130 movement. This is one of Rolex’s precise and reliable movements. In life, it can also provide you with 48 hours of power.

In general, Rolex replica Submariner 114060 watches are already very popular on the market. Especially for collectors, it is one of the indispensable collections. Whether you like diving or not, Submariner 114060 is the best watch for Rolex. Finally, we want to say that 114060 is one of the cheapest models of Rolex Submariner replica watches. But in replicamagic you can still buy Submariner 114060 at the most affordable price, isn’t it valuable?

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