Unparalleled Rolex Watch Fake

Even if someone doesn’t know anything about watches, if they want to buy a watch, it is almost certainly a Rolex. This is a huge compliment to the manufacturer, which makes it even more unparalleled to design a watch.

Ceramic bezel

In recent years, Rolex has adopted Watch Fake with a ceramic bezel. Compared with other materials, ceramics have very good scratch resistance. Not only do they look better aesthetically, but they also have better functionality. The bezel is the easiest part to scratch, and the ceramic bezel keeps your watch in a new look.

GMT Master II

The frame of Fake Rolex GMT Master II is composed of two shades of blue and black. Because of its distinctive color, it is called “Batman” in China. This is a daily watch, and amazingly, this watch can display not only two time zones at the same time, but also three time zones!


The case of this watch is 40mm, and it shows the taste and status of a man when worn on the hand. With a stainless steel oyster Oysterlock buckle, Rolex calls it the most popular and safest deployment buckle. The stainless steel bracelet is more durable and scratch-resistant.

.Overall, the design of GMT Master II fake is unparalleled. Great for pilots or businessmen who often travel between time zones.

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